CRM - Add new Pricebook

Published at: 2017-02-15 17:54
Last updated: 2017-02-16 12:42
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1) To add pricebook, go to CRM > Pricebook > Pricebook > Add new. After click Add New, you will be able to see the page as follow:

1  Fill in the code of Pricebook. For example A1234
2  Fill in the inventory barcode if any. 
3  Fill in the name of pricebook. 
4  Put the minimum order if any. 
5  Description of the product 
6  Remarks if any. 
7  Choose available for purchase. If don't you are not able to choose the product in any transaction  you want to create. 
8  Choose whether track stock or not. 
9  Choose the category of the product. 
10  Select principal if any. Principal means the account that you buy the product.
11  Key in the Cost per unit.
12  Key in the unit. For example CM, Box 
13  Please select tax if the product have tax. 
14  Please key in the MSIC Code if any. 
15  Please put pricebook point class if any.
16  Please put the Price Per unit of the product. 



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