Global Configurations: How to add new user ?

Published at: 2016-10-23 10:57
Last updated: 2016-12-29 23:52
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1.  To add a new user, go to GLOBAL CONFIGURATION > USERS > CREATE.

2. Please make sure that you have add staff for user you wants to create. If no, you can click link as shown below to add your new staff.

3. Fill in the information required. How to insert data:
  • Username : Username to login to the system.
    Email : All OfficeCentral notifications will be sent to this email.
    Password : Password to access OfficeCentral.
    Confirm Password : Type in the chosen password again to confirm.
    Staff : Choose the correct staff to assign to this user.

4. After that, click Save button and you will see the details of user as shown below:

5. Then, click Back to list to view list of users.

You can modify the information of the selected data by cliking on the Details link on the right.



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