HRMS: How to add staffs in HRMS ?

Published at: 2016-10-22 17:55
Last updated: 2016-12-29 23:12
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1. Firstly, go to HRMS > Staffs > Add New. Fill in all the information as required.

2. You can add for Current Job Classification, by click the button New Job if they are not setup yet in configurations. Same goes to Current Location, Current Department, and Current Designation.

3. For column other information, you can add bank name in Payroll > Configurations > Banks.

*Note: (*) are mandatory. Please be make sure that you are key in the correct date joined for staffs because it will relate with their salary.

4. Once completed, click Save button.

​5.  After that, go to “More Information” on the bottom left side of the page. This is to add more information for staffs. To add, just click the link Add. As showed in attachment below:

6. After that, you will view the following page. Fill in the required information on the page.

7. Once completed, click Save button. Same goes if you wants to add for other information. Just click Back to Staff and click More Information again.

8. Then, go to Staffs > View Lists to view the list of staff that have been added.

9. If you wants to make changes on the staffs information, click Edit. If the staff has resign, click Resign. Once you click resign, you still can process the salary slip for that staff. And if the staff has no longer available in your company, click Deactivate. Click Suspend if the staff is leave without pay or others.



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