How to add Delivery Order?

Published at: 2015-11-17 15:57
Last updated: 2015-11-19 09:48
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1. Click on “Invoicing”, select “Delivery Order” and click “Add New”.

2. Fill in all required fields. The same way used as per the above description to add “Order Acceptance”.

Example :

You can add more that one item in one “Delivery Order”.


Add New :Click on this button to add delivery order.

Subject : Please state subject of delivery order.

Delivery Order Item : Please fill in delivery order item information.

Add Item : You can add more that one item in one delivery order.

You can select “View List” to view you “Delivery Order” list.
3. Additional Information:

Details : To view Delivery Order details.

Edit : To modify Delivery Order and item information.

Delete : To delete Delivery Order.

Finalize : To finalize Delivery Order, which mean that this Delivery Order can no longer be amended.

Generate  Invoice : To generate Invoice automatically based on Delivery Order information



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