How to preparing GST Report?

Published at: 2015-11-06 11:08
Last updated: 2015-11-06 11:37
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To process GST return, please follow the following guideline:

1. In GST REPORTS submodule, click on GST 03 menu. The following screen will appear:

2. Select the and click on Process button.

3. GST summary will be displayed as follow:

4. Look at the top left to for selection files to be downloaded.

5. You can download the file – from left: TAP File, GST 03 form ( PDF, Word and Excel format)

6. Click on Back to List to view list of GST 03 generated.

7. Click Details on GST 03 which you have generated to review the data (if needed).

8. If you have made any changes to the accounting data during taxable period, you can re-process GST by just clicking the Reprocess button.

9. If the data is final, click Finalize to finalize you GST processing.

10. Click on Claim/Pay GST if payment has been made.


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