How to create group payroll configuration?

Published at: 2015-11-02 10:26
Last updated: 2015-11-02 10:49
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Access "PAYROLL",

1.    Click on “Groups”.
2.    The purpose is to key in staff salary calculation method according to group. 
3.    If the calculation method for each staff is the same, you need to only enter one group in this section. 
4.    To add other groups, click on the “Add” link. 
5.    Fill in the required information on the form. 

6.    Example    
Name            : Standard
Description   : Standard
Salary Calculation Type    : Based on 5 working days per week (Monday-Friday)
No. of working days    : 20 **Required only if day-based calculation is chosen 
per month    
Total Hours per Day    : 8

7.    Once done, click on the “Save” link on the top right hand corner. 
8.    If you would like to view again all group which have been entered, click on “Groups” again. 


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