How to add bank or do Bank Configuration inside OfficeCentral?

Published at: 2015-10-29 18:03
Last updated: 2016-04-25 12:50
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In OfficeCentral, you can carry out system configuration to suit OfficeCentral with your company salary calculation policy. In this module, you can add bank for salary payment, currency, etc.

1.    Go to “Payroll”, ”Settings” section and click on “Banks”.
2.    If you have other banks, click “Add”.
3.    Key in required information on the page.
           To add other banks

4.    Example 
Bank         : CIMB Bank
Short Code    : CIMB

5.    Once completed, click on the “Save” link. The new bank has been created. 

6.   Click "Back to List", here you can view the bank current available inside the company. 

7.   If you need some modification, click Edit to modified the information, once you have modified click "Save".


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