How to configure staff leave?

Published at: 2015-10-29 16:28
Last updated: 2015-10-29 16:43
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Access the "Human Resources Management System module". Next, go to “Leave”, “Entitlement Settings” and click on the link. You’ll see the screen as per following picture. Entitlement Settings is a leave configuraton based on job classification, leave type and years of service in the company. 
  • Using the Leave Entitlement Settings, configuration can be done in OfficeCentral system to automatically calculate number of leave based on the staff classification and information. This can save your time to calculate number of leaves for each staff based on their information such as reporting date and also job classification. 
Click on the “Bulk Create” to fill in information in bulk at a time. You may refer to the picture below.

1.    You can click on the “Add” link to add, “Edit” link to edit data and “Delete” link to erase data.

2.    If you want to make any addition to the leave information, click “Add” link and you will see the screen as picture below. 
3.    Fill in the required information. 
              To add other groups
4.    Once completed, click on the “Save” link.

You can modify the information of the selected data by cliking on the “Edit” link on the right.

You can also delete unused data by clicking the “Delete” link on the right of the data that you would like to delete. Only unused data can be deleted and please remember that deleted data is not recoverable. Therefore, please ensure that you only delete the data that you are absolutely sure you do not want to use.


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