How to Add New Pricebook Categories?

Published at: 2015-10-29 16:22
Last updated: 2015-11-24 10:46
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You can add new Pricebook by access Customer Relationship Management module.

1. To do this, click on Settings and choose “Pricebook Categories”.
2. Click Add to create new pricebook category.
3. You can determine Name dan Description of the new category. 

*You can Click on Edit for modify chosen item and also Click Delete to erase chosen item.

You can also add a pricebook for your own company product lists.

1. To list all company products, you will need to click on “Add” in the “Pricebook”section.

2. Click on "Add" link with create new price item.  
3. Example :
Unit                                  : Kilogram (Kg), per consumer, per dozen, etc.  
Unit Price                        : Price for each unit.
Commission percentage : Commission given to salesperson. This is used to calculate commission.  
isAvailable                       : Ready to sell.  
isUnlimited                            : Services are usually marked as Unlimited. If marked as such, system will not calculate inventory of item. 


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