What is leave management?

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In this module, you can manage staff leave information including annual leave etc. OfficeCentral system allows staff to apply for leave and supervisor to approve it online. OfficeCentral can keep track of number of approved leaves and does not allow staff to apply for leave more than the prescribed limit.

To access this module, go to “Leave Management” and click on “Leave Types”.
1.    You will see different types of available leave in the company in accordance to the Employment Act 1955 which have been sanction by the Government.
2.    If you would like to add other type of leaves, go to the “Add” link to add type of leave.
                                                                                                                                          To add new leave
3.    Key in the required information.
          To add new leave
4.    Example:
Name            : Compasionate Leave
Description        : Sekiranya berlaku kematian
Minimum days to apply    : -7
Leave allocation        : Annually
Setting            : Allow probation
Leave type parent    : None

5.    “Minimum days to apply” is where staff need to apply for leave within the time frame set by the company. If 3, it means that staff are required to apply for leave no later than 3 days prior to the leave date. If -3 (negative number), it means that staff are required to apply for leave no later than 3 days after the leave date. 
6.    Once completed, click on the “Save” link.
7.    Additional information: 

Leave Allocation: The way leaves are granted to staff. If annually, it means that staff are getting the overall leave at the beginning of year.  If you are using the pro-rate system, thus you need to select “Daily” as your leave allocation.

Allow Probation?: Tick “/” in the box if you allow probation staff to apply for leave. 

Leave Type Parent: If leave balance is depending on another leave, please select that leave as Leave Type Parent. For example, if you want each time staff apply 

Sekiranya balance cuti tersebut bergantung kepada cuti yang lain, sila pilih cuti yang lain tersebut sebagai Leave Type Parent. Sebagai Example, sekiranya anda inginkan setiap kali staff memohon Emergency Leave ditolak dari Annual Leave, anda letakkan Annual Leave sebagai Leave Type Parent kepada Emergency Leave semasa sesi konfigurasi.

You can modify the information of the selected data by cliking on the “Edit” link on the right.

You can also delete unused data by clicking the “Delete” link on the right of the data that you would like to delete. Only unused data can be deleted and please remember that deleted data is not recoverable. Therefore, please ensure that you only delete the data that you are absolutely sure you do not want to use.


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