How to add new staff?

Published at: 2015-10-29 16:09
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Access the Human Resources Management System module, go to “Human Resource” and click on “Staff”.

1.    Click on “List of Staffs”. Here, you can view the list of staff currently available in your company.
2.    You can click on the “Add” link to add staff. 

3.    Fill in all information as required.
4.    Example :
Name            : Sara Binti Ali
Staff number        : 002
Identification number    : 860713-01-5260
5.    Once completed, click on the “Save” link.
6.    Then, go to “More Information” on the bottom left side of the page. This is to add other information of the new staff and to ease CEO or any other personnel to contact him. 
7.    You will see the following page. Click on the “Add New” link to add more info of the staff.
8.    Fill in the required information on the page.
               Staff additional information

Staff          : Sara Binti Ali
Name        : Emergency Contact (Encik Ali)
Description    : Sekiranya berlaku kecemasan
Phone        : 03-22829377
Mobile Phone    : 012-3785463
Email        :

9.    Once completed, click on the “Save” link.
10.  You will see the updated page as follow:
11.    Then, return to the staff area and click on “List of Staff”. Click the “Edit” link on the staff name.

12.    You will see the “Approvers” link on the left side of the page. Click on the “Approvers” link and you’ll see the following page.
                                                                                                   Level of approvers

13.    The purpose is to identify the approver for the staff. Approver is a person who approves the staff application. In OfficeCentral, you may add the number of approvers and level of approval for each staff.

Level of Approval: Number of approval level. For companies with more than one approval level, an application has to go through all levels before it is approved.

Number of approver within the same level: Approval by one of the approvers is sufficient for an application to be approved.

14.    To add approver, click on the “Add Approver” link and fill in the required information.

15.    Once done, click on the “Save” link at the top right side of the page.
16.    To review, go to “Approver” to view any amendments made. 
17.    To remove one of the approvers, click on link “X” on the approver’s name. 

You can modify the information of the selected data by cliking on the “Edit” link on the right.

You can also delete unused data by clicking the “Delete” link on the right of the data that you would like to delete. Only unused data can be deleted and please remember that deleted data is not recoverable. Therefore, please ensure that you only delete the data that you are absolutely sure you do not want to use.


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