Is that important to complete Company Profile in OfficeCentral?

Published at 2015-10-29 10:53
Company profile is important to be complete as it will be used in all reports and also in all documents generated by OfficeCentral such as “Quotation”, “Invoice” and more.

"Setting" > "Account" > "Company Profile". You need to complete your Company Profile. The page is as shown below:

Please fill in the Company Profile until it is complete.
  1. You are required to fill in all the information inside the Company Profile.
  • Basic Information: Information about the company. This information is important because all reports generated by OfficeCentral will use the information here.
  • Contact Person Information: Person to be contacted if there are any updates on OfficeCentral.
  • Address: Enter the address of the company you want to show in the report, quotation, etc. generated by OfficeCentral.
  • Financial Information: Enter the registration number of the company for statutory bodies to be used in payroll reports.
  • Additional Information: Enter additional information about your company.

Once completed, click the link “Save Changes”.




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